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Last Update: 30 September 2013
FMLC (London)
FMLG (New York)
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The EFMLG is a group of senior legal experts from the EU banking sector dedicated to making analysis and undertaking initiatives intended to foster the harmonisation of laws and market practices and facilitate the integration of financial markets in Europe.


Members of the EFMLG 2013


The members of the Group are selected, on the basis of their personal experience, amongst lawyers of major credit institutions based in the EU active in the European financial markets. The Group is hosted by the European Central Bank and chaired by Mr Antonio Sáinz de Vicuña, Director General of the Legal Services of the ECB. For any information relating to the EFMLG, please contact the secretaries of the Group, Mr Iñigo Arruga Oleaga and Mr Otto Heinz, (secretariat@efmlg.org).